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Land o’ Lincoln Camp Cedarbrook is committed to three main goals:

  • Loving kids – Everyone is welcomed, loved, and accepted unconditionally
  • Sharing Christ – Every part of the day, from start to finish, is focused on honoring God, sharing the message of salvation, and helping campers grow in their faith with Jesus Christ
  • Exploring nature – We make the most of our week spent in the beauty of God’s creation. From morning devotions to evening campfire, most activities are done in the great outdoors where campers will not only gain a greater appreciation of God’s creativity in nature, but they will realize that they are God's most special creation of all!

When you send your child to a Cedarbrook Camp, you can be sure that the
highest standards of camping excellence and safety are adhered to. We are a
member of the American Camp Association (ACA), the Christian Camp and
Conference Association (CCCA), and the Association of Cedarbrook Camps
(ACC). Please see our affiliations page for more information about these organizations.
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