Life At Camp
Land o' Lincoln Camp was always a highlight of my summer growing up! My sisters and I all looked forward to it -- talking about what cabin we'd be in, who our counselor would be, what other camper friends would be returning again this year, etc. I enjoyed camp for several reasons. One of them was because it gave me opportunities to do certain activities that I didn't get to do at home such as canoeing (which was my favorite all-time activity!), archery, hiking in the woods, nature crafts, and many others. Another reason was the opportunity to learn about God. Camp taught me to have a daily quiet time with God. At camp you have morning watch every day, which then helped me to learn to have daily times with God when I got home. As an adult and looking back on camp, I know there are several things I learned that I didn't realize as a child I was learning. :) I love that there are 'older women' to be great examples to the younger girls/young ladies. I remember looking up to those ladies as a child, but didn't realize how big of an impact that was for me -- that there were strong Christian women who were showing us how to live out their faith. As an adult, I realize more the sacrifice of time they were so willing to give to invest in the lives of us girls.

As a camper, I wanted to do the CILT (Campers in Leadership Training) program mostly because my older sister did. :) But I soon realized that there was more to it than that! The CILT program helped me continue to grow in my relationship with God as well as teaching me many of the tools needed to help lead others. While I never had the opportunity to return as a counselor at Land o' Lincoln Camp, I did become a counselor at another local camp for two summers. I was able to apply many of the things I learned in the CILT program while leading a cabin of girls and hopefully being the Godly example to them that I had modeled to me through my summers at Land o' Lincoln Camp.

Many years later, my baby girl grew up and we decided to look into sending her to camp. My first thought of course was Land o' Lincoln Camp Cedarbrook. We decided to send my daughter because I knew she would be receiving the same kind of great camp experience that I had. Some of the same leaders were still in charge of the camp and that helped ease my fears as I sent her off by herself for a week. I knew she would receive solid Bible teaching and learn the independence of being away from Mom and Dad for a week. She had an excellent time her first week of camp and she and I had a great time exchanging camp stories, songs, and experiences. Land o' Lincoln Camp was at the top of her list when asked the next year what she would like to do during the summer. As my daughter is entering junior high, I place an even higher value that Land o' Lincoln is a girls-only camp. As a parent, I see how important it is for her to form good relationships with other like-minded girls as well as seeing the role models that other Christian women can give.

Land o' Lincoln Camp has been a great experience both for me as a camper and now my daughter who can't wait to go back next year!

Jeana Plattner
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Each day at camp is filled with activities that help campers grow!

Take a minute to read a pair of letters from some past campers who are now parents of campers.  What great generational stories!

I have such fond memories of Land o' Lincoln. I started going when I was in the 3rd grade and continued to go until I graduated as a CILT my junior year of high school. I was impacted by my counselors in so many ways. They were fun and full of life; they seemed to be passionate about Jesus; they seemed to really care about me. They were an example of how I wanted to be when I grew up. They gave me a real life picture of how to walk with the Lord in every situation in life whether it was getting along with a cabin buddy or trying to start a fire with pine needles. They showed me that God cared about each aspect of my life and that nothing was too small for Him. I had such great memories of laughing, singing, camp fires, and great activities that would carry me from one year to the next.

I believe I gained a great deal of confidence in CILT. It helped teach me how to be responsible and how to finish a job well. I developed skills in dealing with other people as well as being a spiritual leader. I had looked up to the CILTs who had gone before me and by watching them, I was prepared to take on that leadership role when it was my turn. This training carried over into school and church at home. It was a great preparation in learning how to lead, how to listen, and how to focus my individual skills.

I now have the privilege of sending my daughter to camp every year and I get to relive some of those camp moments through her experiences. She likewise looks forward to camp throughout the entire year! I have seen her grow in the area of relationships with other girls as well as her walk with the Lord. She has a hunger to know and learn God's Word and some of this she has gotten from her leaders at camp. She thrives on learning new skills and activities and she is still writing one camp friend regularly.

I am thankful she has the opportunity to go the same camp and I look forward to the day that perhaps I can join her there again as staff.

Janet Leman "Buzz"