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Camper In Leadership Training (CILT)
The Camper in Leadership Training (CILT) program provides a unique educational and practical challenge for high school age campers with leadership potential. CILT trains them for future leadership and service in their churches, camps, and communities.

The CILT course is a three-step program—CILT I, II, and III—consisting of one week at camp during each of three consecutive summers plus assignments to complete during the school year between summers.

Under adult supervision, CILTs gain practical experience by working with younger campers: leading songfests, games, Bible studies, and evening programs, helping with cookouts, teaching camp skills, and assisting in camp functions.

The CILT program is offered to high school campers at Camp Cedarbrooks across the United States and Canada.

CILTs learn:
  • To build a fire and lead a cookout
  • Camper characteristics in class and by observation
  • Leadership skills
  • Why we do what we do at Cedarbrook
  • To prepare and lead Bible Exploration and activities
  • To plan and lead songfest
  • To develop a resource file
  • To grow in your relationship to God
  • Much more...

1. Be 16 years old or have finished the 9th grade.

2. Have at least one week experience as a Land o’ Lincoln Camp Cedarbrook
    camper (Exception: special recommendation from the camp director).

3. Display the following traits:
  • vital Christian testimony
  • leadership ability
  • willingness to learn
  • cooperation
  • dependability
  • assumes responsibility

4. Be interested in working with children.

5. Obtain recommendations from your pastor, youth pastor, or director of 
    Christian education, and another adult who has observed applicant in a 
    position of leadership.

Basic Requirements
  • It takes at least three summers to complete the program.
  • A CILT comes to camp as a camper and also pays the cost of their manuals and other fees as necessary. Scholarships may be available.
  • Complete all lesson assignments given by the CILT instructor.
  • Complete a live-in counseling experience for at least 24 hours during CILT III.
  • Complete the activity specialty requirements (i.e. archery, riflery, canoeing, creative arts, campcraft, crafts, etc.).
  • Be evaluated each year and get a CILT reference filled out by their pastor.
  • The completion of the course does not necessarily guarantee a staff position.

How to Become Part of CILT
Pray about it and ask God if you should become involved in the CILT program.

Talk to your parents to see how they feel about it. Discuss it with your pastor, youth director, camp staff person, or trusted friend.

Contact the CILT coordinator for an application.

Fill out the application and get references signed. Turn in your application to the CILT coordinators. You will be informed concerning your acceptance into the program.
CILT Coordinator

For more information or application forms, contact the coordinator:

Lynnette Goebel "Chickadee"

Why Be a CILT?

“I enjoyed being a CILT because it stretched me in my leadership skills. It helped me learn to work with both my strengths and my weaknesses to serve Christ and His kingdom. I'm working with kids the entire summer as an activity leader and CILT was really nice preparation. It equipped me to minister to kids of all ages and to really enjoy it.”

—Laura Thayer, 2005 CILT graduate

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