Frequently Asked Questions

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What precautions are in place to assure the health and safety of my child?

Every precaution is taken to assure that your child has a healthy stay at camp. We have a licensed nurse practitioner on duty at all times. Meals are well-balanced and reviewed by a nutritionist. The camp schedule is planned to provide adequate rest for each camper. Activities are lead by trained, certified staff members. Red Cross-certified lifeguards closely supervise all waterfront activities. Our ACA accreditation was updated during the summer of 2023 via an on-site visit and in 2024 by an Annual Accreditation Report.  Another on-site visit is scheduled for 2027.

What is the staff-to-camper ratio?

We believe that small-group settings are best for the campers. Our cabin groups have a counselor/camper ratio of no more than 1:8. The younger campers have even smaller groups. Because of several support staff members, the overall ratio is 1:3. Activities will have a maximum of 10 – 12 campers.

How old does my son/daughter need to be to come to camp?

Campers must be at least entering the first grade in the fall following camp, but range from 1st through 12th grade. We offer a half-week experience (called “A Taste of Camp”) for girls and boys entering 1st – 4th grade who may not be ready for a full week away from home.

How are campers grouped?

Campers are placed in cabin groups with others of similar age. Activities could have a mix of all the ages. In the evenings campers usually have a program and campfire with their division. (See the sidebar for the grades in the divisions.)

What are the sleeping quarters like?

The Reynoldswood site offers three types of sleeping quarters: cabins, treehouses, and the Manor House. All have sturdy bunk beds with mattresses. Campers need to bring their own bedding. The Manor House could house up to six groups of campers and provides indoor bathrooms.

Can my child with special medical, developmental or dietary needs attend camp?

As each child is unique, our director would be happy to work with you to find out how we can best serve your family. We have a nurse on site who administers all medications, and the kitchen staff can accommodate some dietary restrictions.

Are there any discounts?

See Camper Registration for various discounts and information regarding scholarship assistance.

What if my child gets sick or injured?

Generally, the camp nurse will contact the parent/guardian. See Parent Notification for details.

What if my child gets homesick?

Our staff members are trained in working with homesick campers. We have found that engaging the campers in a wide variety of activities quickly alleviates most cases of homesickness. Our program provides many structured and unstructured activities to keep the campers busy. If, however, after the intervention of staff, it becomes apparent that a camper is unable to make the necessary adjustments to camp life, we will contact the parent to determine the best course of action.

Can my child have a cell phone or iPod?

Cell phones and other personal electronic devices are not allowed at camp. We believe that youth today need a break from perpetual electronic connection. The Cedarbrook program is designed to connect our campers with the natural world around them and develop meaningful relationship skills by interacting with campers and staff while at camp. Electronic devices create a barrier to these important facets of our program.

Will I be able to communicate with my child?

If you mail a letter on Sunday or Monday, it should reach the camp before your child returns home. You can also send e-mail notes which will be delivered daily. See Camper Clue for details.

Will I be able to talk with someone to see how my child is doing?

Yes, you can call the camp phone number (309-258-7574), and a staff member will be happy to talk with you and share examples of how your child is doing well.

Will my child be able to communicate with me?

Campers do not have access to phones or computers. They are encouraged to write letters to those at home.

What if my child has to cancel? Can I get a refund?

The registration fee of $100 (full-week) or $50 (“Taste of Camp”) is non-refundable. Any amount paid above that will be refunded.

What if my child will arrive later or needs to leave early from camp?

We recommend that you make every effort to allow your camper to be at camp from the opening activity to closing. However, if late arrival or early departure is necessary, please let us know in advance. There is a special form for Early Release so that we can be prepared to release your camper when you arrive.  You can complete this form when you arrive on Sunday.

Can my child bring snacks to camp?

Snacks are not allowed in the cabins, because they are an invitation to all sorts of unwanted visitors including bugs and rodents. A wide variety of snacks are available for purchase in the Tuck Shop, but if your camper wants to bring his/her own snacks, they can be kept in the Tuck Shop and enjoyed during free time.

What do I need to pack?

Please see Checklist for Packing in the Camper Clue or on the Packing Checklist page.

Where can I find additional details about preparing for camp?

Please read the Camper Clue. If you have further questions, contact our Executive Director.