Life at Camp

Each day at camp is filled with activities that help campers grow.  Here’s a look at a typical day at Camp Cedarbrook.

Campers Rise and Shine:  Campers get up, dress (some will take morning showers) and get ready for the day.

Flag-raising:  Campers and staff meet at the flag pole.  The flag is raised by a Color Guard comprised of older campers.  Then a staff member leads the pledge to the flag, a patriotic song, and a prayer.

Breakfast:  Campers and staff select their food from a buffet of hot and cold choices and then sit by cabin groups.

Morning Watch:  This is a quiet time for everyone in camp.  All campers and staff members select a special place outside where they can spend quiet time alone with God by reading the Bible and praying.  Campers have booklets to guide them in this time.

Cabin Capers:  Everyone takes part in this time of cabin cleanup.  The primary objectives are teamwork, cleanliness, and good stewardship of creation.  This will include cleaning up the cabin and the surrounding area.

Activity Time:  Campers learn practical skills, discover new interests, uncover hidden talents, and often develop leadership skills as they progress in activities of their choice.

Bible Exploration:  This is a small-group Bible study with the cabin group.  It is held outdoors and is lead by the counselor.  Bible Ex. is part of what makes Camp Cedarbrook unique.

Lunch:  Campers line up by cabin groups outside the dining hall.  They sing fun songs and then proceed into the food line.

Rest hour:  Everyone takes a break on his or her own bunk.  During this time campers may read, write letters, talk quietly, or even take a nap.  This is also the time when campers receive their mail from home.

Free Time:  Campers may choose from a variety of activities during this time:  swimming, crafts, games, and shopping in the camp store known as Tuck Shop.  They make purchases with the money that they “tucked” with the Business Manager at registration.  A limited number of food items may be bought each day.  No food is to be stored in the cabins.

Activity Time:  See description above.

Dinner:  See description of lunch.

Divisional Event:  The Division Director (DD) of each age group will lead the campers in a fun activity, which is designed to build camaraderie and team spirit among the campers.

Evening Snack:  A yummy snack is served to the campers, or sometimes they may choose an item from the Tuck Shop.

Campfire:  This is a time to wind down at the end of the day.  It begins with group singing (songfest) and is followed by a devotional time led by a staff member.

Ready for bed:  Campers may take showers, brush teeth, and prepare for bedtime.

Cabin Devotions:  The cabin counselor leads a brief devotional time to end the day.  This may involve sharing about what was learned during the day or the reading of a story.  The day closes with a prayer.

Lights out:  Campers are quiet on their bunks with all lights out.